Flowpresso® is a breakthrough, non-invasive natural therapy that enhances overall health which delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment, comprising of:


  • Compression

  • Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Thermodynamic Heat


This unique combination of therapies releases toxins and puts the body into a ‘rest and restore’ state, working with our physiological processes to switch off fight or flight mechanisms, and facilitate healing and repair. 


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The research behind FLOWpresso


The study investigates the effects of the FLOWpresso on sleep and anxiety in two separate studies involving a large sample of adult first responders who are under daily psychological and sleep stress. The results demonstrate that the FLOWpresso effectively decreases perceived sleep disturbance and reduces anxiety symptomology.

92% of the participants reduced their sleep disturbance scores 


Effects of cyclical deep pressure applied by the FLOWpresso

Flowpresso® is an extraordinary therapy that can assist your clinic with: 


Enhanced customer outcomes

Helping more clients, without depleting YOUR time or energy

A health service that is sustainable and profitable

Consistent and effective bodywork care to your clients

Improved sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety outcomes for clients

Assisting your clients to experience a parasympathetic state

Benefits of Flowpresso
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Getting started with Flowpresso


Experience the ultimate wellness solution with Flowpresso - the revolutionary full-body sensory experience that is transforming the way we think about wellness. With a proven track record in reducing inflammation, improving sleep quality, and lowering anxiety and stress levels, it's no wonder that Flowpresso has garnered numerous glowing testimonials and clinical research results.

What sets Flowpresso apart is its unmatched customizability. Each individual compartment of the suit can be precisely adjusted to provide the perfect pressure and temperature for your unique body type and needs. This level of personalization ensures a tailor-made experience that no other suit can match.

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Compression therapy 


Compression technology was first introduced to medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including  circulatory conditions. About 25 years ago, compression was adopted for use in sport medicine in an attempt to improve exercise performance and recovery. The cyclic pneumatic compression within Flowpresso® is delivered to different areas of the body, allowing the body to change how it moves.  Compression therapy helps encourage flow within the body and assist with releasing toxins from your system.


Thermodynamic therapy 


Thermodynamic energy, or heat therapy can help with a variety of health issues. Researchers discovered that when heat was applied to local areas or the whole body, it had a sleep-promoting effect. Flowpresso® utilizes thermotherapy in the four primary garment sections to embrace the body with a gentle, healing, warmth, creating a comforting environment that allows the body to finally rest and relax.  The Flowpresso® warmth and temperature range are designed to encourage relaxation and sleep, promote circulation, and support an improvement in health and well-being.

Deep pressure therapy 


Deep pressure is generally referred to as a form of tactile sensory input, which is delivered by holding, stroking, hugging, swaddling and squeezing. The technique of Deep Pressure Therapy is often used to calm anxious people – improving their ability to cope. A light touch can be alerting and even agitating to some people, while deep pressure typically has a calming effect on the senses. Flowpresso® applies deep pressure – similar to a hug – to the whole body through each individual chamber, generating a profoundly relaxing effect, allowing the body to calm and release the daily stress of life.

What you receive with Flowpresso® 


Flowpresso® suit and controller

 A one hour, zoom call with a certified Flowpresso® Trainer

 Website page outline

 Marketing material

 Access to monthly private international forum

 Private Flowpresso Community access

 2 x online training courses

 Ongoing clinical training support

 Quality and reliability

The total cost of the Flowpresso system is 8,900$ U.S. Taxes + Shipping + 1-year Warranty Included

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  • 1 Year Warranty
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