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My journey down the “rabbit hole” into health and wellness or the absence thereof, began in 2001. I woke one morning after moving to NYC to pursue a career in musical theater to find every joint in my body “on fire.” The symptoms resembled (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis however nothing could be found in my bloodwork or clinical labs to indicate such a disease state. For nearly 5 years I lived on Advil, Tylenol, and high powered prescription painkillers like COX-2 inhibitors such as indomethacin, when the severity demanded stronger interventions.

The other shoe dropped in 2006 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. I ignored the divine whispers my body was sending me and a single tumor metastasized, quickly turned to 9. They surrounded a kidney, my superior vena cava running to my heart and multiple lymph nodes in my abdomen. Chemo and multiple surgeries throughout 2007 would yield a cancer-free diagnosis in less than a year.

However, when I returned to normal life I hit a wall. My general health began to fail within the first three months following treatment.

To the outsider, I looked fine, but inside I was dying.

I was living on a tightrope, with the smallest gust of wind sending me into an emotional crisis and the closest emergency room. An actor by trade, I hid this VERY well, but it was a true balancing act. It was not until a third trip to the hospital in 2011 and having a foot of my small intestine removed that I started to see the pattern of chronic illness.

I am not going to lie, things looked pretty bleak. My digestion was terrible and I could tolerate as few as 14 foods without an inflammatory reaction. My brain was functioning at such a low level I remember one very clear moment, holding both laces of my sneaker for a full minute and contemplating the best way to start the process of tying my F*&!ing shoes!

I visited naturopaths on the other side of the county and consulted specialists on other continents. Their help was limited, completely unaffordable, involved massive amounts of prescription drugs, and bags of supplements for a lifetime of use. After cancer, it seemed the only thing my medical doctors cared about was that I no longer had cancer, not the fact that I was in so much pain.

I changed the food I was eating, I ate an incredibly clean diet, and soon realized this was just the beginning. While that did point the needle in the right direction, to truly heal I needed to look at the whole picture. I had to address sleep hygiene, balancing the bacteria in my gut, detoxification pathways in my body (yes it’s real), genetics and methylation pathways, nervous system tone, emotional patterns, addressing an endless list of viral and bacterial infections, dental health, and more. I know…it’s quite a list. Here’s a talk where I address my health deficiencies I tackled.

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Looking back on the hours and days I laid in my bed, stomach cramping, barely able to stand are staggering. I remember wishing and praying someone would walk into my life with some guidance and answers.

I promised myself, if I ever regained my vitality, I would be a Fucking lighthouse for those walking in my footsteps.

The responsibility of survivorship was born in that moment and I began to take action.

I began taking courses in anatomy, health, and physical fitness. I took workshops on vitamins and supplementation with application to human vitality. I became certified as a Health Coach from the Institute of Functional Health Coaching. I took courses in energy medicine, including a certification in Reiki healing and studied Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (Everything is Energy.) I took countless workshops on body mechanics and physical fitness and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association. The list is long, ridiculous and continues to grow.

So here we are! Look at the incredible life experiences that have led me to you, and you to me. This page is the physical manifestation of what it is to be Beautifully Broken. I write about everything under the umbrella of wellness, whole food, wellness technology, survivor stories, moving pain free, health poops, good sleep practices and more.

I act as a guide for those seeking change and want to embrace healing. RADICAL SELF LOVE. The embodiment of LOVE. Pick one.

It’s time to become an active participant in your own improvement and that is the recipe for change! I like to think of myself as the gap between the doctor’s office and grocery store. SO MANY aspects of health and vitality exist in this GAP. Like…most of them!

Closing it up

Today I am feeling good. I work professionally on the leadership team of AmpCoil and as a consultant to several wellness technology companies. I host the beautifully broken Podcast which is in its 3rd year and by the time you read this well beyond its 120th episode. I fly all over the world speaking about my story, what HEALING means to me, and create my personal blend of EDU-tainment. Education + Entertainment to make it fun. Because life is too short not to laugh a little!

I am living my dream life and I am tearing up to be able to put this in black and white and Color and have it exist on such a beautiful site.

I think of the hand I have been dealt. I think of what I have been through and feel a responsibility to write it down and share and record where I found success and experienced failures. I strive to save those going through the same struggles: time, money, and heartache. This is the responsibility of survivorship. This is why I’m here.

Thank you for finding me.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for listening.

- Freddie Kimmel

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